Sunday, January 27, 2008

Daily Green Actions: 26 Jan 2008

  • Spent lights out enjoying the birds, the stars, really good western food and good conversation about enviro-education with friend in NUS
  • Theres a pair of woodpeckers on the rain tree in front of me at arts link! Oh my god. This is even better than owl hunting!
  • I have found my mission for tonight's lights out! To go explore the new Aston's grill at PGP residences. w00t!
  • lights out just round the corner. i don't know what to do! it's catching up on me *gulp* maybe I'll go for dinner and then library to read
  • started a social network for nature bloggers in singapore on! It is really a good platform for W@W, my big secret project
  • i am resolved to never take taxi again unless i am late for school. yes, I had to take a cab today, again! how do i stop myself?
  • spent the morning at a meeting for naked hermit crabs discussing visions and operationalizing our visions in action

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