Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Team Seagrass!

A birthday gift to Team Seagrass from Chee Kong (illustrator) and Monkey (colour and design).

This October would mark the one year anniversary of Team Seagrass which began when Seagrass Watch International first came to Singapore, marking the beginning of the excellent seagrass monitoring project in the shores of Singapore headed by two amazing ladies, Ria Tan and Siti Maryam Yaakub. Of course, without the many volunteers who commit their time and energy to the project, there would be no Team Seagrass!

So this is wishing everybody at Team Seagrass a Happy 1st Birthday and hopefully with many more to come!

And guess what? Team Seagrass is recruiting!

You can be part of this amazing and dynamic group, contributing to the long term monitoring and study of the fast disappearing seagrass communities around the world!

Find out more on Team Seagrass' website. You can also read about why it is important to monitor our seagrasses.

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