Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Join the Cyrene Blogging Carnival

Cyrene Carnival

Cyrene Reef is an elusive nymph in our seas. A mysterious submerged reef in Singapore that only appears semi-diurnally, and only if you are lucky! Only at those moment do we get a rare glimpse of its amazing beauty.

What is rare is often also unknown, forgotten, forsaken. To ensure we do not forsake our secret beauties, a blogging carnival has been started to celebrate the beauty of Cyrene in this weekly carnival.

This carnival hopes to get more people writing, knowing and exploring Cyrene. If you have never been to Cyrene, and wish to be on Cyrene, join in the carnival! If you have no idea what a blogging carnival is or have never even visited Cyrene, do not fear. Read on.

Essentially the blog carnival works like this:

1) Organizer = Midnight Monkey Monitor
I will mainly be doing the running the carnival and once in a while, I will host as well. WildSingapore will also put up a special Cyrene Carnival section. The Organizer will indicate the upcoming hosts. Each edition will be weekly with the exception of the first 2 editions.

2) Host = each week, anybody can volunteer to be a host where people will email you their blog posts submission and you post the submissions up with your own comments. For now, I'll host and any interested person can feel free to email me to be a host!

3) Submissions = that's everybody!
This is what you have to do:
1) Blog a short piece about Cyrene [read submission guidelines below]
2) Submit the link here

4) Readers = that's you and your friends, family and everybody in Singapore and the world! Show your support by putting this banner on your blogs.

Submission Guidelines
Not many of us have been to Cyrene. Personally, I haven't. But I can still write about Cyrene. Here are 3 types of cyrene related posts:

1. Talking about Cyrene
Talk about what you saw, did and felt at Cyrene. This could also be general things about Cyrene, history and what not. Never been to cyrene? write about how you wish you can go!

2. Biodiversity of Cyrene

You know those rare gems are found at Cyrene so blog about the specific plants and animals!
These are some things that can be found at Cyrene

3. Threats at Cyrene

the shipping lane is in the way of Cyrene... or more like Cyrene is in the way of those massive container ships.
Bukom and Jurong Island is just next door so who knows the next coal plant might be on a reclaimed Cyrene?
Any and everything. Oil Slicks, Reclamation, whatever you can think of!

Sometimes, different editions will have a different theme. Look out for them!

Start blogging today! Submit your posts here! Cyrene needs you!

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