Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Giving Guest Lectures at NUS

Last Thursday, Ria of WildSingapore and Karen of NParks CCNR were at NUS giving a talk on the importance of environmental awareness. It was supposed to be a panel of three, together with Arti Mulchand of the Straits Times. Unfortunately Arti was ill and unable to attend. Still, we had a blast of a time with Karen covering the terrestrial and Ria bringing us for a walk in the inter-tidals. Read Ria's account of the talk here.

This is a module from Geography on Environmental Sustainability (GE3239). Originally I was hoping to help out in the module but instead I've been asked to do a guest lecture for the students on Community Groups in Singapore. Being the last lecture of the semester, I hope it'll be a blast. The talk will pretty much cover similar content to my previous SEC Going Beyond Green article on community groups. I hope to also give the students a few peeks at behind the scenes activities. If anybody is interested, my presentation will be this Thursday, 10am, LT13 at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.


hei said...

I was one of the students listening to the talks and I enjoyed the both very much! It made me want to go out there and see some of them now. Hopefully I can fit it in the coming month just before I leave Singapore!!

Monkey said...

Hello Hei,

Thanks for the encouraging comment :) I really appreciate the feedback. Glad you are putting the talk to good use with the giving of positive feedback :P

Check out wildsingaporehappenings.blogspot.com to find a walk or event to attend :) or just explore on your own