Friday, April 11, 2008

GE3239 Guest Lecture

Yesterday gave a talk at the GE3239 class to about 40 students. I guess most are away mugging or busy rushing assignments. I did record my talk but it was too long and full of factual errors I realized (sorry! Hopea Sangal fines were more than $30,000 - it was fined $8000 and $76000 in compensation!) so I decided not to upload it. Too embarrassing!

Here's how big the crowd was. Not very big really. Ignore the audio. This was after my talk and the lecturer was addressing the class

I got feedback from friends who attended the class that it was too overwhelming (too much to say!) and too long (1 hour 6 minutes!). I was a tad distracted during question and answer and yes, the slides are a tad repetitive because new additions were made last minute. It wasn't well structured because the talk is supposed to be on environmental groups but I'm not really sure what's my message. Sigh. Ok, poorly done. Sorry.

On the brighter side, I've a friend and junior who was in the class and told me afterwards that she's stopped using straws after what I said during the lecture. Cool :) And of course I got a very encouraging comment on this blog from a student who attended the class. Thanks! I also found a student joined the sgnatureblogger network on ning wanting to find out more! Kudos! Do post and say more about your interest on the network and see if any of the wise yodas will show you the force :P

I also had an interesting question from a student who asked if there is too much attention on shores now and not enough on terrestrial because more blogs on shore than terrestrial. Well that just mean we need more terrestrial bloggers!

TheRamblingLibrarian sums up neatly my fatal error. "I tended to ramble on when I get too enthused. End up overemphasising some examples and the audience gets bored." But he also nicely added that "each presentation is a learning experience" and I agree! Well, one never stops learning. I will definitely work towards improving. Just means I have to give more talks! :)

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