Saturday, April 14, 2007


Deceivingly nondescript at high tide
Sister Shore shimmer with secrets
mocking us behind a veiled cover of artifice
laughing at our not-knowing, our folly
hugging its secrets close to its bosom
lulling us asleep with its serene beauty

As the clock struck in perfect timing
the swan turns into a beautiful princess
reveling in sunlight or moonshine
welcoming little beachfleas
that come out to play
on low tides across our shores

As the witch of time cast its spell
the tide menacingly encroach on
little beachfleas forced to flee
hiding in huts on the backshore
waiting and watching
bidding their time

Till the next time
the tide goes
and out they come
to play again!
Beachfleas to arms
Beachfleas to fun!

This has been an experiment at merging landscapes together with Photoshop's Photomerge automator function. Photo taken at Sisters on 3 January 2007. Pardon the bad merging either on my bad manual mendings or photoshop's bad stitching. For more photos on sisters, see my flickr set

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