Thursday, April 12, 2007

One of those moments #080407

This photo was taken at sentosa on Sunday morning on 8th April 2007 during the romp on the beach with the naked hermit crabs and team seagrass.

This is not a set up shot but chanced upon on the beach, complete with opened can of beer.

Considering the proximity to rasa sentosa, some party goer the night before must have set up to have a nice relaxing beer in front of the sea.

We all know how inviting the surf can be in lulling our minds to sleep.

Please enjoy our beaches but let our beaches enjoy you just as well!

So you're invited to please clean up after yourself!

But, really whoever you are, thanks for the chair, it gave many a tired hermit crab some reprieve after a morning of recce. Schweet!

And no, we did not try to taste if the beer is still fresh.

Yes, really.

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