Friday, April 06, 2007

Floppy 'Holsum Minute Ep 1

Floppy 'Holsum Minute, otherwise known as FHM, is now coming to the youtube nearest to you! Produced by this rambling monkey with the help of the star of the show - Floppy, the world travelling ball of fur donkey!

The first in many to come - wholesome 'holsum green tips all compressed in one exact minute!

This week, floppy tells us a bit about how to combat the heat in Singapore - in an environmentally friendly sorta way! This will come in handy in the el nino expected this year.

Please share with floppy your comments so we can improve for future episodes. For example, should we stick it to exactly 60 seconds?

If there are any topics or locations that you would like floppy to visit, drop us a comment!


1 comment:

Jenn Chye said...

Great effort! And ur thesis due is only days away.

Personal opinion is that general public will not juz stop using aircon no matter how we preached. Guess the next best thing we can do is to advise them to keep the temp not below 26 degree cos most human are comfortable with 26 degree.