Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monkey on metblog

Monkey has recently made her first foray into the Singapore Metblogs. It would be interesting to be able to reach out to more people locally and globally using other channels. Exploring other media to talk about the treehugging matters and all things Singapore.

My first post is on the Bring Your Own Bag day. There are cool 1980s and 90s poster on there. It'd be interesting what one can dig out if one puts one mind to it.

Meanwhile, I'll be off to Europe tonight and will not be back for the next 2 weeks. If internet willing, I will be blogging on the travelling menagerie while there. Who knows, maybe a german 'holsum minute or two. :)

Good luck too all those having exams! See you in May!


Charles Frith said...

The last time I checked. Europe had internet access :)

Monkey said...

haha yeah i know it has
but whether i have time to tap into it
luckily my sis' house comes with wifi and yes im in europe now and guess what? im online :P so yeah that answers that