Saturday, February 28, 2009

One World One Moment

The MSc librarian and PhD biologist music duo is back with a new album! The band known as StarfishStories has a new album for the new year titled One World One Moment.

The entire album is free for download, licensed under the creative commons license! Nothing less to be expected from the social media friendly rambling librarian. After their first album that was inspired by our wonderful marine life, the duo is back with a second album. This time, they have developed more complex musicality with many more guitar solos, displaying their skills. Definitely enjoyed listening to this album very much! Great soothing songs, free for download at the StarfishStories band blog ( The blog also offers behind the scenes insights, great for other musicians to exchange experiences as well.

The band also has a facebook group - join now to show your support for our local talent.

1 comment:

Ivan Chew said...

Thank you for the plug, our dear fanclub manager! :)

Now that I've nagged you to plug our album, I feel kinda bad to distract you from your real work. But only for like... 2 seconds. HAHAHA!