Friday, February 20, 2009

Live from Day 1 of National Sustainability Conference

Will be reporting from the National Sustainability Conference held at the NUSS Guild House from 20 to 22 Feb. I will be putting up my observations via twitter. Unfortunately I will not be able to provide indepth reports via the blog but will be reposting my twitter updates on this blog.

  • Interesting attendance at the national sustainability conference. Lily kong is giving the opening speech now about 3 hours ago
  • It's quite bizarre that there is a tea break after 30minute of welcome about 2 hours ago
  • Andrew Tan, the Ceo of nea is speaking now about the interconnectedness of the different global crises. They are 1 crises, not separate about 2 hours ago
  • The british high commissioner paul madden is speaking about climate change now. Shobie the dir of climate change is of cos here about 2 hours ago
  • Spoke with amy of wwf about earth hour singapore. This year a major singapore icon will be switching off during prime time! Awesome about 1 hour ago
  • How do we encourage businesses to be carbon neutral if our consumers are not interested or concerned if they are? about 1 hour ago
  • Prof jeff obbard is talking about the anthropocene and the 'other' (climate) credit crunch. about 1 hour ago
  • IPCC predicts 7.4% reduction in glacial cover but in reality it's 23% eek about 1 hour ago
  • The other credit crunch he's talking about turns out to be the global ecological footprint exceeding planet capacity and carbon budget about 1 hour ago
  • Einstein and the stern review gets quoted very often at this conference. 41 minutes ago
  • Jeff is talking about his research on using fast growing marine algae as a carbon neutral biofuel. Is this possible for mass production? 38 minutes ago
  • Dr geh is the first to the mic again during the q&a asking andrew Tan about the centre for livable cities 35 minutes ago
  • At every environmental conference, people must always ask why are we sitting in an aircon room freezing our butt off 29 minutes ago
  • There's a lady from india from the office of environmental education that asked all the questions i wanted to ask. 12 minutes ago
  • I'm glad Lena chan from nparks is highlighting the fact that all tis talk of sustainability is lacking mention of biod conservation 5 minutes ago
  • Stern review drew attention to climate change thru dollars. But no such report for biod? But both related! Why pit against each other? 2 minutes ago

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