Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stormy Chek Jawa

The Naked Hermit Crabs and SEC's Green Volunteer Network did a joint recce of the Chek Jawa Boardwalk for upcoming guided walks at Chek Jawa on the morning of Saturday 18 August 2007.

A pleasant and cool morning was soon met with dramatic and stormy clouds that soon brought with it a rainstorm that the naked crabs and gvn volunteers waited out together at Ubin's House No. 1.

Meanwhile, it gave the monkey various photo opportunities to present nature in natural grayscale. No colours were tampered with!

For more photos, see my flickr set.


Hai~Ren said...

Sorry I overslept and missed today's recce; cough syrup is THAT powerful I guess.

Looking at your Flickr set, I notice that they've cleaned up the rescue tank. And er... threw yet more fishes in??!

budak said...

now got toadfish, surgeonfish (dying), filefish (dying), two yellow trevallies (bad shape), two rabbitfish, one mullet (fish, not hair) and one dunno waht

Lam Chun See said...

Beautiful photos.

Monkey said...

thanks chun see :)