Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Journalism 2.0

Encountered this poster plastered all over NUS recently. It would appear that there is going to be a talk on Journalism in this new connected world of web 2.0.

The poster reads:

"Thanks to youtube, camera phones, podcasts and blogs - any ordinary person can report the news. Technology has empowered millions of citizen journalists to file scoops, fact check and expose mistakes. But it's also harder to know who and what to believe. Kristie Lu Stout navigates the promise and pitfalls of Journalism 2.0.

Venue: LT11, National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge Campus, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Arts Link Street
Date: Monday 20 August 2007
Time: 12.00 - 13.30"
I find it interesting that they got somebody from the traditional media to talk about Journalism 2.0 but hopefully it would provide a more objective perspective rather than either evangelist or detractor-mode.

What is more interesting that it is sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board. This could be because of the CNN Future Summit. It's all quite confusing. Future Summit is a television series aired on CNN hosted by Kristie Lu Stout, a CNN anchor based in Hong Kong. Of which, if I am not wrong, some of the Future Summit TV episodes were filmed in Singapore so it would definitely fall under STB premise of promoting Singapore as the backdrop of media programs like attracting movie producers to shoot in Singapore, etc. There is also a Future Summit Student Challenge for students in asia pacific but I think it is over already.

How is this related to Journalism 2.0? The CNN website writes that
"CNN Future Summit brings together some of the brightest minds of our time to see how science and technology are shaping our future. With a landmark television event this June and weekly stories on this site, we're inviting you to take part in an on-going discussion of the technologies and how they'll change our lives."
I guess Web 2.0 is the hot topic now. I will definitely try to attend the talk if I can wake up in time!

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Ivan Chew said...

Oh, so that was what I caught on the hotel cable when my wife and I were holidaying in Hong Kong some weeks ago :)