Saturday, December 09, 2006

Labrador in Pictures


In June 2006, Habitatnews reports that the Government Gazette, Electronic Edition published the following:

"There are currently 26 berths at Pasir Panjang Terminal (PPT). To cater for the future growth of our port, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) plans to carry out land reclamation to build more berths at PPT. Existing submarine services at the land reclamation site will need to be diverted before actual reclamation and construction works can begin."

On 5 Dec 2006, monkey and the assorted menagerie of marine cow and terrestrial duck went to see the changes occuring on one of our last mainland rocky shores since the development started.

Marine works in progress

The far end of the beach has totally been cordoned off and signs of the reclamation surrounds us. Barges carrying machineries greeted us when we first arrive and then further evidence of the reclamation becomes more obvious near the intertidal rocky shore.

Works notice

From certain sources, apparently sediment traps were also laid out in the field of seagrass to assess the impact from the reclamation. The good news is that despite all the development work in the area, and possibly increased sedimentation, there are still plentiful signs of life at the shores.

seagrapes Hairy Crab Seagrass galore makeover after

For more photos, see my labrador flickr set.

Let's treasure the last of our mainland rocky shores or there would be no more.

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