Saturday, December 30, 2006

Aye Ay' Capn!

Replica of Swedish ship Gotheborg docks in Singapore
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia
30 December 2006

"A replica of an 18th century Swedish ship has arrived in Singapore, bringing with it the message of friendship.

Boom! boom!

Believe it or not, it is not the rum talking but in the old days, ships entering a new city fired their cannons as a sign of friendship!And bringing its message of friendship is a replica of The Gotheborg. It has been at sea for almost 500 days, retracing its original voyage from Sweden to the Far East 250 years ago. When the original ship sank in 1745, everything was forgotten until a diver discovered the remains and began a marine excavation. It has taken 10 years to recreate the vessel to make sure it is as realistic as possible.

N. Sivasoth, a research officer at National University of Singapore's Biodiversity Research, said: "A phone call came. My friend in the Asian Civilisation Museum said, 'an 18th century replica of a Swedish East Indiaman was sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore, tell me within 24 hours, can you go for three weeks?' It was supposed to be really tough, you could not bathe and it was physically demanding. It sounded like a wonderful holiday and a chance to understand the historical voyages of the past. So I said, 'I'm definitely coming'."
Tomorrow, a few of the monkey menagerie will be visiting the otter on the boatship! Looking forward to it as I have already met the very friendly, hardy and adventurous crew on Tuesday when the Otter, Monkey and a few other jungle fowls brought the swedish vikings to Pulau Ubin to rough it out in the wilderness of Singapore in this December monsoon!

Stay tuned for more reports!

To read more about Otterman's adventure with the vikings, visit "Aboard the Swedish Ship, Gotheborg".

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gisele said...

haha, i went to see it already din board it tho... very cool and the ppl in it very good looking~~~~ huangdi like!!! haha