Monday, October 16, 2006

NEA website down?

The haze seems to be worsening and from the NUS canteen I can hardly see the port from the Arts Canteen.

This morning, shocked from the hazy skies, I turned on the tv but did not see any PSI indications but upon checking the NEA website, I see that it was only in the 80s.

Right now, checking the NEA website, I find it inaccessible!

Is the NEA website down from too many people trying to access the website? Classmates have confided that they check the PSI almost hourly just as I do.

Finally, I found the latest update of PSI on the Channelnewsasia website.

I wonder where and how they get their data.

Is it time to get face masks yet?

The website appears to be working now.
Must be overloaded the poor thing.

2nd update
It appears to be on and off which proves that the website must have been overloaded at points perhaps. I wonder if there's any correlation with the height of the haze with the height of traffic to the website.

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