Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Adopted Charity

I wouldn't really call them a charity but they are my adopted 'cause' for 2006.

A couple of friends, classmates and schoolmates have taken on the task of sterilizing stray cats in East Coast. They call themselves Project Kucing Coast and maintains a blog at

Other than regularly trying to bring the cats to the vet every wednesday, they also sent 6 cats for Cat Welfare Society's Spay Day.

Recently I helped them out at their fundraising booth at the NVAC Bazaar in NUS. Other than buying a few photos of the lovely cats, I also pledge to bear the cost of sterilizing one male cat. It cost $20 for a male and $50 to sterilize a female.

Alas being a poor student, that's about as much as I can afford. But that's not the end of their cost! They also need funds for boarding the cats so they can recover before releasing them again. There are more than 80 cats there now and some thing must be done to control the population. As Cat Welfare Society writes in their FAQ,

"Sterilised cats will guard their territory against other non-sterilised intruders. The sterilised colony will first stabilise, and then decrease over the years as the cats live out their natural lives. But this is only possible if pet cat owners do not abandon their cats and kittens."
A few people have been asking me what I want for my birthday coming up next month and since I do not really crave for any product of blatant consumerism at the moment, it would really make my day if people would gift me with aid to my 'adopted charity'.

So instead of buying me some consumer product that I might not need, how about contributing similar amount of money towards helping these stray cats?

It's $20 for a male and $50 for a female!

Or you can always buy one of the products that they're selling to raise funds like the lovely postcards and calendars that I myself bought.

I didn't buy this one though... I'm a supporter of adult cats who need more love than the eye candy bambis known as kittens *grin*

Do leave a note in the comments if you are interested.

PS: Understanding the importance for transparency in such things these days, rest assured I will put you through directly with them and since they are relatively new and that I have yet to go down to trap cats with them (which I intend to), I am going to speak with them about accounting directly to the individuals who sponsor the sterilization of a cat with a followup on the money used, the cat sterilized, the update on the aftermath and what not. Alternatively you can go down with them to trap the cat and bring him/her to the vet! That would be the best :) Remember to send me photos!!

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