Monday, October 02, 2006

Live from the Green Carnival

The first day of the NUSSU SAVE's green carnival has monkey seeing many familiar faces and new ones too. Our booth originally set out for recruitment ended up more in the public outreaching and awareness building of the budding intellects of the premier education institution in Singapore. It's also the first times my friends from NUS actually sees me as a Toddycat. It's probably very weird for them. But it's about time I introduce them to biodiversity in Singapore! One should always start with those around them. But often I find that more difficult than mere strangers. Strangers seems more receptive than friends who write you off from pure familiarity.

During the opening speech, the Deputy President of Administration who was previously from the UC Regents actually commented that he wants to push NUS towards reducing resource consumption and sustainability. That is definitely a good sign. I also met several of the CGC staff that I have only previously corresponded with but never met.

We will be here till tomorrow so do come and see us if you have not already!

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