Saturday, July 01, 2006

NEA YEE Project Sharing @ Landmark Hotel

Cellphones take over the world!

Not that this photo has anything to do with the project sharing today but after the session, (from left) Otterman, Anand and Acroamatic had dinner with monkey where a myraid of discussion occurred. Somehow batman, superman and wannabe dune worms from B-grade horror Tremors were pitted against each other for best storyline. Somehow skype, msn, yahoo messenger and strategy towards buying a macbook was discussed as well.

What an evening but nothing new and absolutely enjoyable.

Of course the project sharing was fun and I took lots of notes. Expect many posts to follow. Especially in Pulau Ubin Stories although a move is currently in the works to migrate to Wordpress. Blogger is just being hell for my patience when it refuse to uploads to the NUS server. Of course I'm being slack while away from Singapore. I haven't even been to the island for the last 2 months! Instead, in 2 weeks time I will be leading a group of min 22 visiting foreign students to the island. (clarification: im bringing the students to "the island", i.e. Pulau Ubin)


Anyways back to the project sharing. Weisong and Otterman did their little (and not so little) presentation with the participants taking it all in with Otterman's usual captivating powerpoint show and vivid storytelling. Even I who have heard 70% of the talk before had to laugh at a few "old" jokes. Otterman is a good storyteller and he knows it. After a while, I notice toddycat guides taking on similar ottermanish traits in their guiding techniques. Before you know it there will be an Otterman School of Guiding.

Weisong at workOtterman and the peat swamp associates

I enjoyed catching up with a few friends after my stint in Thailand. In fact, there is a food project (about choosing the right fish) which I might get in on. Afterall, it's similar to the fish project I did in US and has things to do with food, primary production and ecological footprint. Afterall, asians are the biggest consumers of seafood in the world! More details on the project to follow if it goes through.

Wheres Monkey

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pinto said...

Wow... I make that Singapore jersey look really bad... =P

Monkey said...

oops nobody know its you
cant see your face
lol i didnt even know it was a singapore jersey! LOL
sorry man bad photographer here...thats why! :x