Friday, June 30, 2006

Low Spring Tide Morning at Changi

Go Going Gone

Yesterday morning at a luxurious time of 6am, Ria and I went to Changi for the last of the low spring time visits for this "season". I was really lucky to be able to go with her since I only just got in from Thailand 2 days before. What a way to get me reacquainted with Singapore!

In fact, this is the first time I am visiting our shores so early in the morning, save for the time we camp over at Hantu. Even then, our exploration of the intertidals were done only in the day time. The first thing we saw yesterday was this peacock anemone in the semi-darkness of early rays of the sun.

Peacock Anemone

Despite promises of stingrays, lobsters and stargazers, we were not so lucky that morning. Nonetheless, for this monkey, anything would be interesting. Just take this pile of sand that threatens to be a very very long worm for example!

A very long something...

After talking about parasites just the night before, this is NOT something we want to go near! *grin* But then considering I'm full of foreign parasites after my swim in the Mekong River, this should be the least of my worries!

Of course there was no shortage of crabs that morning. It was bustling with activity. Every clumsy mammal step I take results in the hasty scurrying of an anxious crabby creature.

Crabby Crabby

Well some just like to stay put.

Hermit is in the house

Others couldn't care less! Instead they mock this city slicker of a monkey for her ignorance.

Sticking his tongue out

Monkey couldn't just let that lay and sought to seek an education. After seeing tons of "skeletons" and "moults", monkey finally voiced out loud what the difference between a dead sand dollar and live one was! Straightaway, I got my answer. Some poking was involved.

Dead or Alive

For more photos of my adventure on this sea of gold that makes me imagine what sahara would look like, check out my flickr set.

Sahara...? Sea of sand Erosion at work

Edit: Read Ria's more educational account and check out the conch's eyes! Looks almost like they were photoshopped on but I can assure you... well ok, maybe not assure but I definitely don't think they were! Ria spent a long time coaxing the baby out of his shell! Also read about the anemone-thieves! Poor shrimp babies. Now they're deprived of a home because people have been removing the anemones which are actually the homes of shrimp babies. Instead, the anemones are now stuck in somebody's aquarium in their HDB flat. Hah!

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