Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Have a say in shaping our home

I always lament to my parents that when I was young I was never given an opportunity to have a say in shaping my home. As I got older, I fought for every chance to have a say in what goes in (and out) my living environment. If that sounds familiar to you, you'll probably be happy to hear that we now get a chance to have a say in shaping our island home!

The Urban Redevelopment Authority, the national planning agency in Singapore, is seeking feedback for its next Concept Plan 2011 which determines Singapore's development plans for the next 30-50 years.

URA wants to know what you, fellow Singaporeans, want for our island city state. Here is your chance to speak up for our sea shores and other nature areas! And our heritage areas too!

Do the URA survey for its Concept Plan 2011.

To quote Ria Tan of WildSingapore, "the survey is simple to do, with lots of free-text options for you to leave comments about your favourite places in Singapore. Speak up for our shores (and other nature areas)! Every voice counts! You can be sure lots of people will speak up for shopping centres so please speak up for our wild places! Get your like-minded friends to also speak up for our wild places and shores. "

For more on about the survey, see:
Wild shores of singapore blog


eve+line said...

Sadly, their "free text" option limits you to 2,000 characters.

Some of their questions are also quite redundant. For instance Q2(b) of Sustainable Growth for Singapore:

Would the following measures encourage you to take public transport?
Yes No

a) Better pedestrian connectivity from home to the MRT, LRT station or bus stops e.g. direct covered walkways from flats
b) Better connectivity between MRT and feeder services (bus or LRT) e.g. Sengkang MRT station where MRT, LRT and bus interchange are integrated and close to one another
c) More direct feeder bus services from home to the MRT, LRT stations
d) More direct bus connections from home to place of employment
e) More dedicated cycling paths to MRT/LRT stations or bus interchanges and bicycle parking spaces to encourage cycling
f) More MRT lines to serve outlying areas
g) Increased frequency of MRT / bus services
h) Having more work opportunities closer to home

Err, is it any surprising I answered YES to all of them?

MM SZ said...

Linked under, 'Environment'. Thanks.