Monday, May 19, 2008

No Winners for May 08 Cyrene Contest

Dear Cyrene Fans,

The deadlines for the "Let's go to Cyrene Reef" Blogging Contest is now closed. Unfortunately, not a single one of you mad-about-cyrene folks submitted an entry. There are only limited trips each month and only on certain months of the year. If you miss your chance now, you may not get another chance!

Many of you have written asking if you really must write something. Well, it's hard for us to decide who to give the seats to if we do not have something to gauge by. If you cannot afford the cost of the boat ride then perhaps you should just mention this to us. No time to write something or don't have a blog? Well there is always Facebook Notes or even just take a video of yourself on a webcam and tell us in person why you want to go to Cyrene. The possibilities and endless.

Perhaps the amount of time was too short or the dates not suitable for you? Well, not to worry. There is yet another chance in June.

Date: 23 Jun (Mon)
Time: 0700-1000

Now you have one month to prepare for your submission. The earlier you do it the better chance you have! In fact, if you're the only submission to the contest, the chances of you winning is even higher.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for leave, write your post, and email it to !

For contest details, read the rules here.

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