Monday, March 03, 2008

On the Singapore Flyer

1 March 2008 was the first day of public rides for the observatory wheel, Singapore Flyer. What more, the birthdate of the singapore flyer also coincided with my mom's birthday. As such, the whole family celebrated her birthday on the flyer. Unfortunately, it was only till later that we realized that others did the same but even got cake and fanfare from the media. Alas my mother has to make do with a "signature cocktail" and a souvenir which we paid dearly for.

While I'm not a fan of its mere existence, I must say the singapore flyer does provide a spectacular vantage view of the city. You are able to keep track of quite a bit of things on the top of the world. Although I was corrected by my equally excited nephew that this is hardly the top of the world *grin*

For one, I definitely appreciate the fact that I managed to get one last glimpse of the Kallang Stadium before it gives way to the new "sports hub". I will miss those overpowering stadium lights.

The experience dealing with the Singapore Flyer has been painful to say to least for me. I blame it on birthing hiccups but the line at the flyer was painful for those waiting for a chance on the flyer. We were just glad we paid through our teeth to get the express line. I did take a video which I will blog about once I get over the fatigue of the weekend's activities.

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