Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Starwars inspired

The reddotbeachbum found the above along the shore at Pulau Ubin during a little exploration session with this monkey and a duck.

While the beach bum lets his imagination run wild imagining it to be starwar's battleships or darth vader's personal jet, the duck and monkey tries to figure out what animal it might be. Since this is part of an animal's vertebrate, it couldn't be an invertebrate! Some guesses include:

a) a very (very very) big fish
b) a dog
c) a wild boar
d) a humongous civet cat
e) a tapir! (we wish)

Any zoologist or naturalist would like to hazard a guess or deduce an answer for us?


Audrey said...

Cute blog. Living in Santa Barbara, We've found many things on the beach's over the years.

Monkey said...

who knows? that little piece of bone might not necessarily have been of an animal on Pulau Ubin itself! it could have been swept across the seas!