Friday, February 01, 2008

Daily Green Actions: 30-31 Jan

I'm beginning to be tired of the multitudes of reproductions of daily green actions from my twitter to the blog. This prevents me from writing original essays so I will try to compile the Daily Green Actions from now on.

  • first i stop doing lights out last night and then i slept with my aircon on. i am this close to giving up. i want to yell i give up. angst!!
  • im this close to never ever doing a single green action in my life again. apparently it offends people that im environmental. RAWR!
  • im fed up with people making sarcastic comments about about me being environmental. "oh you're so environmental so you should do this"
  • i skipped school today and im skipping lights out as well. no will power whatsoever. sorry for being a disappointment
  • reading the feedbacks from the seashore blogging workshop and eating leftover pizzas from NHC meeting. let nothing to waste! hehe
  • Looking at the slides from the Sustainable Food Lab would give you a better understanding of my research

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THE DON said...

I came,
I looked,
I loved what I saw.
Keep up the good work.
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Thanks, all welcome