Friday, January 13, 2006

Nanotech, Friend or Fiend?

The other day I was trying to tell the divinebovine how Nanotech is bad but then after a year away from progressive people rubbing off on me and back in development and technology deterministic red dot on the map, I was at a lost for words.

If I could persuade Maral in SB that Nanotech is bad, then I'm sure I have had been pretty persuasive.

So here's an article from Associated Press that would do the convincing for me.

Came across it just now when I was gathering environmental news for Ocean Futures Society. (Yes I'm still an intern there O_O")

Study Raises Concerns about Nanotech
Associated Press, 11 January 2006

(I'm still digging around for more articles. I'm not just concerned about human health but just undermining general safety and weapons and what not)

Nano Hazards: Exposure to minute particles harms lungs, circulatory system
Science News Online, 19 March 2005

What About Nanotech's Potential Danger? [PDF]
Techcomm Journal, April-May 2005
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