Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ignoramus politicae

The nightmarishnostalgic reminders of school uniforms, assembly halls and the boon lay community center where I was collecting the same thing those lil peep squeaks are today.

Why is it that the first thing MP Ho Geok Choo ask me when she hears I'm studying geography is that "are you going to be a teacher?"

In my environmental politics class, my lecturer said that politicians are mostly lawyers, political science types or economists. Seldom are they scientists. And surely they are too busy to be kept up to date on issue. Apparently it keeps them rather shallow and ignorant too.

Of all the people from the university category who were award the bursary today, I was the only one she did not invite to join the Boon Lay Youth Club in her lil chit chat on stage when she hands over my "stipend". I was going to scoff at her if she did anyway. Maybe she read my mind. Still, I'm offended. Bah! I'll have her know my sister was in the Boon Lay Youth Club! PFFT!

I'm so offended that ms reverse psychology has decided to win the freaking SYA award just to rub it in mdm ho's face. Maybe better yet I'll win greenwave too. One thing for sure, I'm definitely going to see what Ms Irene Ng has to say. I mean if this is the standards of female politicians in Singapore? Dear lord, it leaves much to be desired for.

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