Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cat's Night Out at Jurong Point!

The Cat Welfare Society is organizing an opportunity for Singapore to showcase our lovely domestic breeds! Unfortunately I don't have the honor of caring for any lovely feline of my own so I have instead been asked to be a judge at the Cat's Night Out!

They are looking for "Most Beautiful Domestic Cat" and "Most Popular Domestic Cat". Prizes include $300 worth of Jurong Point Shopping Vouchers, cat supplies from Pets Station and Fancy Feast products.

But I think the real prize is giving our "longkang" cats an opportunity to show Singaporeans how beautiful they are and what wonderful temperaments they have. Usually cat shows are for purebreds only and is more of a show of what better breeders and groomers or trainers the owners are. But often, these attitudes of "purebreds are the best" result in things like puppy mills, irresponsible breeders and more abandonment!

How about adopting a stray cat and giving him or her a home? Neutering your cats instead of breeding them. No "paper" or certifications does not make them any less beautiful or loveable. Especially once neutered, many of them are wonderful companions with great temperament.

Personally I just can't wait to get to meet everybody's cats! So bring your cats down to the Cat's Night Out!

Date: 20 June 2009
Venue: JP1 Centrestage
Time: 9 - 11pm

Click Here To Download The Application Form (Right-Click and Save As)

Fill up the form and email to with a good picture of your cat!

See you there!

Why is the Leafmonkey one of the judges?
The Rambling Leafmonkey is the founder of an online cat photography connoisseur club on called Pussy Patrol. And mainly because she's crazy about cats and it's an open secret that she hopes to be a cat lady when she grows up. She claimed that she offered to be the emcee for the event but ended up being asked to be a judge as consolation. Unable to believe why she got asked, she bugged CWS day and night asking for them to confirm it and they probably figured they're stuck with a monkey for good. *grin* We think she bribed somebody with a lot of catnip.

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