Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Giving a Guest Lecture on Environmental Groups

I have been invited to give a guest lecture in the GE3239 Environmental Sustainability class in NUS Geography Department on "Community Groups and Environmental Leadership". The lecturers would like me to share my personal experiences and so for the first half, I share my own journey. Along the way, I introduce to the students the various environmental leaders I met along the way. As I have to rush off for an interview, the second half will be presented by one of the lecturers. The latter half will be an overview of all the interest, types and actions of the groups in Singapore. This may be of interest to some as it provides a brief introduction to the community.

There is a mistake on the date of the lecture. Oops!

I'm somewhat hesitant in putting these slides online and sharing it on the blog originally as I felt that this is not totally comprehensive. However, I do not profess to know it all! Far from it. Always hoping to learn more. If I missed out anything or made any mistake, please feel free to leave a comment!


Jackson Tan said...

Hi! Just wanna comment that the lecture was great! Kinda gave an excellent sketch of the local environmental groups and their activities.

Made me feel a bit guilty for being so inactive in terms of conservation efforts despite being an environmentalist (I'm probably an armchair environmentalist... hahaha).

But ya, thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts!

Monkey said...

Hi Jackson,

Thank you for your comment :D Armchair environmentalist or not, at least by leaving me a comment, you've taken the first step in what I said about giving constructive feedback and encouragement to people right? haha Thank you :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. I guess the class isn't really big on interactions :) so I'm really glad to hear from you!

Hopefully now you'll be inspired to do a little more than just an armchair environmentalist!

Anonymous said...

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