Friday, November 21, 2008

Upcoming The Leafmonkey Workshop Events

After the success of the last workshop on echinoderms, there are now 3 more workshops planned for the coming months. What more, now you can sign up for all 3 workshops via 1 easy form. All interested are welcome to join us! Remember, pre-registration is a must :) Read Workshops FAQ.

5 Dec 2008 . 7pm - 10pm
The Easy (Not Hard) Cnidarians Workshop

9 Jan 2009 . 7pm - 10pm
The Hard (Not Soft) Cnidarians Workshop

6 Feb 2009 . 7pm - 10pm
The Fishy Workshop


We now also have our very own mailing list where you can sign up to receive updates and announcements via email. Originally I intended it to be for the midnight monkey monitor but there really isn't much I can share. Now, I really have things to share with every one and hopefully every one remotely interested would subscribe to the mailing list. TLW is expanding. We are not just going to be doing workshops but there is more in the works. Stay informed, subscribe to the list! To do so, you can either visit our google group or simply enter your email in the sign up box on the right sidebar of this blog.

You can still join our Facebook Page as a fan to receive updates on upcoming workshops and events!

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