Saturday, August 16, 2008

Media Socialists at the Social Media Breakfast

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[blogging LIVE!] The media socialists are here! This is the 3rd social media breakfast hosted at the ACM!

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They even serve pink drinks for the green monkey.

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And of course animal friends are here too! Lest animals feel that I forget them.

[Afterthoughts] There was supposed to be an agenda regarding bloggers and marketing but somehow that didn't come to pass. We managed to get a free tour of the vietnam exhibition at ACM and the little red books on display from Chairman Mao's post-cultural revolution era fervor. At points I wonder if I'm no different from the propaganda which calls for "learned youths to be one with the proletariat farmers". Isn't that what I advocate too? haha oops.

Back to the breakfast. I definitely don't recommend it for the unsociable monkeys out there. We were too busy just socializing with ourselves. Going as far as to skype with kevin (theoryisthereason) and giving him a spin of the venue before my battery died. I met a very interesting girl, emily and a TODAY reporter, alicia who turns out to be a recent CNM graduate with mutual friends. On top of that, I finally met uniquefrequency in person and saw some other twitter followers of mine. Somehow, I'm often greeted with "ohhh you the environmentalist". Well I definitely show more diversity than that on twitter! It was interesting none the less. Lots of cam-whoring going on as you can see. Well I did talk a lil bit about social media and its use for the environment, after all that is my specialty. Seriously milling about a journal article on that but currently constipated.

It was kind of sad that the agenda didn't take off. I was getting a little obnoxious with my constant asking of "so what happened to the agenda". Alas, ignored. As should be of course. As kenneth (acroamatic) mentioned, I'm not too good with PR :P There is only so far a monkey will go to be polite and politically correct. But one of the reason why I went was to check out this local social media scene and also to support NHB's valiant effort at hosting the event! It was a big move from a government stat board. In fact, Walter (coolinsights) announced that there will be a new position open in his department called social media marketer! That would be most awesome. In his word, probably the first of its kind in Singapore.


John Larkin said...

I think Kenneth would look rather fetching with a pink drink in his hand!
Wish I was there!
Cheers, John.

Crazyaboutsports said...

Hey, glad you enjoyed the event at ACM. We do hope to see you around at the museums again. Do email me if you want the free museum pass. My namecard's in the folder given out to you guys ;)

Monkey said...

oops i didn't take the folder since i'm relatively familiar with all the materials in there. i'm sure i can get kenneth to drop an email on our behalf or we'll just poke walter about it but thanks! :) and we DEFINITELY want a free museum pass! most definitely.

Yuhui said...

Hi, it was a pleasure meeting you at SMB3! Didn't realise that you're an environmentalist too.

Err, who did you say it was who may know me?

Monkey said...

Yu Hui: oops i'm really really sorry but i got the wrong person. the friend whom i thought knew you confirmed that he didn't know you so i was barking up the wrong tree. sorry. so paiseh