Sunday, July 08, 2007

Monkey Graduation Editorial

Dear Animal Friends and Readers,

Firstly, an apology for my long silence on this blog. Perhaps a lack of inspiration has plagued this simian but honestly, my new holiday job at the National Heritage Board has kept me busy and exhausted at the end of the day. The Singapore Heritage Fest is held from 18 to 29 July this year at the Suntec City. The monkey will be seen at times moderating talks but mostly behind the scenes. It's crunch time and I do apologize if that has denied me the pleasure of writing and uploading photos. But mostly, it's almost a comfort to stay away from the computer after a long day staring at one and to read a book and sleep rather than to use the brain further.

But mostly, this editorial is to announce that this Monkey has finally graduated! I am now officially a graduate with a Bachelors of Social Science with second uppper honors in Geography from the National University of Singapore. But sadly I've also signed up to throw myself back into the foray of academia and student life by doing a Research Masters in Geography at the same university.

In other updates, the Chek Jawa boardwalk was opened yesterday but monkey sadly had to choose graduation jitters over rushing from Ubin to NUS within one morning. I even had to skip my friend Sharon's wedding! Sorry Sharon and I did hear that it was a fabulous wedding!

Despite my silence, the monkey has been working hard and having her hands full with several project underway. Mostly the monkey has now more or less become a member of the "friends of WildSingapore". We are planning an evil plan to take over the world and more news when the time comes. I do expect you boys and girls to be gripping your seats in anticipation at that news!

Monkey has covered several events this past month and visited many wild places in Singapore. I have photos a plenty and countless tales to tell. If it ever happens, it remains to be seen but for now, be happy that I am still alive! Sadly I was sick and am sick plagued with a violent cough that had me coughing throughout the entire commencement ceremony. If you heard somebody coughing, it was probably me. Blame it on the cough that has put me out of commission this past weeks.

LiveEarth has come and almost gone. It's been met with much criticism and I do hate to talk about it some more but we'll have one year to see how Al Gore's SOS team work with it.

Finally, congratulation to the graduation Class of 2007! Many of my friends have already begun jobs in the government sector like URA, STB while half the class is absconded to NIE for a life of teaching ahead of them. Whatever our paths lie, good luck!

Yours simianly,

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