Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NakedHermitCrabs at Sentosa Day 1

It looks just like any of our wonderful inter-tidal shores but what makes this beach more of a hidden treasure of Singapore is that it's right at our doorstep on Sentosa!

Many people think of Sentosa as a man-made island with artificial beaches but even our most manicured faces hide many wonderful surprises. And it is this little known face of Sentosa that the naked hermit crabs and friends got to know very well today.

Head Hermit Crab, Ron, describing animatedly about Gobies to the enrapt families at the tidal pool

The tide was wonderful and the kids all had fun with their moms and dads, exploring the different shells and scales of animals on this rocky shore, coral rubble and seagrass meadow.

Satisfied members of Team Hairy Crab at the end of the walk

At the end of the walk, we also got every family to share and write, or draw, what they felt about Nature's IR at Sentosa and all that they have seen that day. The kids really put their hearts into it and we all learn something new and see something new that morning.

For more photos of the morning's walk, see my flickr set.

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