Friday, February 24, 2006

Monkey Speak

Yesterday, a certain botak lao lang from KR surprised me with an unexpected msn message. The beast is now an entrepreneuring editor of uberture and asked if i wouldl like to write a column on environmental issues with peanuts for renumeration. Hesistant at first, the "captain planet" in me is now raring to go!

Came up with some ideas for articles on the way home today:

"Monkey Business"
About feeding monkeys in nature reserves, the idea of monkey reserves on an offshore island and other monkey business.

"Sex in the City"
About endangered animals, fragmentation of forest habitats, cities encroaching on forests, primary forests in singapore (botanic gardens, bt timah, dipterocaps in changi)

"Foreign Talents"
About releasing animals in the wild, and problem of invasive exotic species

"Pink Dolphins"
ACRES and sentosa pink dolphins, pink dolphins sighting off southern islands, marine life, reclamation, shipping line, removal of coral reefs, dugongs and other large marine mammals etc.

"A Straw Story"
The problems of straws, why do people insist on using straws, marine trash, use less plastics, etc.

"Swamp Thing"
role of mangroves, mandai, sungei buloh, places in singapore with swampy past, etc.

"Earth Day 2006"
April 22 earth day, origin, oil spills, celebrations worldwide and locally

"A little bird told me"
Tidbit stories about birds in singapore - koel/crow, kingfishers, mynas, strawheaded bulbul, jungle fowl, hornbill, plovers, heron, cattle egrets, barn owl, brahminy kite, himalayan griffon vulture

Wow that's enough for a whole year I think. lol. The ezine is fortnightly but mine may be a monthly column. Even still this is enough for about 4-5 months of fortnightly writings.

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