Thursday, December 15, 2005

LTA saves a tree!

Today on the Channel 8 news (15 Dec 2005), there are reports that LTA has changed the course of a road (Braddell road perhaps?! Bu Lai De Ling?) in order to save a tree!

The tree now stands between 2 lanes of the same direction!

Immediately I thought of Jo-fen who is now the first pioneer environmental engineer that LTA ever hired. She must have been working hard. *proud of her*

Of course I tried hunting for the article online but I couldn't find it on CNA! Then I tried channel 8's news page but they rather have a report on the blind enjoying art than a tree being saved. Bah!

Most unfortunate of all, drivers and the public were complaining that saving the tree and splitting the road is actually a road hazard and advises LTA to draw a balance between conservation and public safety!

WTF! I won't see them saying that LTA is unbalanced when they go outright bulldozing the area and saying they should pay more attention to conservation than convenience.

The tree is an hard wood tree that is big, old and well formed. It is so big that you can see it for miles away. It's not at the end of a blind spot or turn. Why would any drivers who are not drunk and paying attention to the road miss the tree?! If they can actually manage to drive their way into the tree, they really deserve a prize!

A prize for the most kok eye bugger in Singapore that is!

Update (11.42pm): I've just emailed CNA chinese edition asking them to either put this article on their website or email it to me since currently it cannot be found. Hopefully somebody replied *cross fingers*

Update @ May 3, 2006: This is the Angsana tree that you can see as your drive by Braddell road.

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