Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lobster Soup to Debut at Hong Kong Disney

Lobster Soup to Debut at Hong Kong Disney:
"(07-15) 05:30 PDT HONG KONG, China (AP) --

Lobster soup and seafood bouillon will replace the controversial shark fin soup at Hong Kong Disneyland wedding banquets, a Disney spokeswoman said Friday.

Last month, Disney decided to scrap shark fin soup, a symbol of prestige in Chinese banquets, after environmentalists protested and threatened to stage boycotts of the park when it opens Sept. 12. The activists say that the shark fin industry is decimating the shark population.

The dish will be replaced by lobster soup and a dish with sea whelk, a bouillon with bamboo fungus and crab roe, Disney spokeswoman Irene Chan said.

'We are confident the change will not affect the attractiveness of our weddings,' Chan said. 'The dishes are specially designed, and these menu alternatives can reflect respect for Chinese culture.'

Guests waiting in line to have their weddings celebrated at the theme park's hotel when it opens have been notified of the changes and most have responded favorably, she said."

Wow if only all the sharks fin soup in all chinese restaurants in the world can be replaced by an alternative!!! THAT would be so awesome!

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