Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where to recycle your gadgets?

Spotted at the Environment Building, a recycling bin for general electronic waste by Starhub.

If you are like me, a bit of a gadget head, changing your phones every 2-3 years when the contract end, and buying a new computer every time the old one fails but can't bear to throw the old one away? But when you try to sell them you realize they are worth nothing or you can't get anybody interested? Or seriously who would buy that old cordless phone or mouse that broke right? Well now you have a better outlet than throwing them down the rubbish chute to be incinerated and add on to our burgeoning landfill at semakau.


Here's a list of collection points that you may find handy.

Interestingly, Paul W had suggested on Facebook that these collection initiatives should share what they do with the ewaste. Is anybody interested to contact these companies and organise a visit? I have a bunch of people who wants to learn more. Drop me an email!

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