Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Word of the month

Slaughtering Trees:

(v) The act of printing a whole semester worth of lecture notes and other readings days before the final exam in an attempt to make a last minute dash for the finish line or for the purpose of accomodating easy reference in open book exams and in the process, consume several trees worth of paper.

e.g.: I'm going to go slaughter trees in the library on Friday.

On other news:

  • The remote sensing exam was pleasantly uplifting.
  • My application for the NUS Coop Book Grant was unsuccessful.
  • I need to make money. How? SDT? OAR? Tution? Should I try for an internship with URA? I need a job. Everything is so up in the air right now. Sigh. Tomorrow look up the newspaper classifieds.
  • Starhub gave me a $200 voucher for a new phone provided I open a new line. Wonder if its worth it. Must as W.
  • I am cultivating a spot of fungi on the withering bouquet.
  • Don't know what's going on with Toddycats or what I am doing. Dun know. Anything.
  • Reminder: alexander hospital is moving, go dentist soon.
  • I've been posting on Pulau Ubin Stories. Should be doing more of this. Research research research!
  • Got my other intern with OFS to be posting actively on ENA from December on.

    Theres just too much on my mind. *miserable*

    Why do I feel that the end of the exams is going to come too suddenly and I'll be stuck with nothing to do, or caught offguard.

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