Friday, November 28, 2008

Singapore Waters

Nature Society (Singapore) Marine Conservation Group recently produced a 11minute slideshow video on youtube that includes historical photos as well as current images of our shores and its marine life. Quite an enlightening overview from past to present. And as stated in the video, all photographs were shot in Singapore so if you haven't got a chance to visit our many offshore islands yet, this is a good opportunity. There are also colorful images of flora and fauna from our corals, mangroves and shores! Of course, we definitely can't travel back in time so even for monkeys like me, it was refreshing and enlightening. The video is based on the 2003 NSS publications of the same title, "Singapore Waters: Unveiling our seas". I'd say it's definitely worth the 10 minutes 39 seconds of your time.

We could definitely do with more of these videos of our local marine (and terrestrial) life! Last year, WildFilms also produced a 10 minute video sampler. We need more, more, more!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Climate change events

Nothing to do with the events but I always wanted to post this photo for what I think of when I hear the words "climate change" - coast, energy and activism.

Within the short span of a day, received notifications about two events with regards to climate change. The first is a climate change essay competition and another is a lecture on climate change issues that almost sounds like a reference for the essay competition! What a coincidence *beam*

1) Climate Change Essay Competition

Theme: Climate Change: Implications for Singapore

In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded that anthropogenic climate change is now unequivocal, citing evidence from rising global average sea levels, global average air and ocean temperatures and widespread melting of snow and ice. In response to the IPCC scientific consensus on climate change, Singapore released its National Climate Change Strategy in late Feb 2008 to address various aspects of climate change from vulnerability, adaptation, mitigation and competency building to international participation. At the same time, the government announced the formation of an Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development to formulate a clear, national framework and strategy for Singapore’s sustainable development in the context of emerging global and domestic challenges, especially if the current international negotiations on climate change culminate in a post-2012 agreement that results in a carbon constrained world.

As a small island state, Singapore faces several domestic constraints including limited natural resources, geographical constraints which prevent the effective deployment of renewable energy, and an open economy that relies heavily on fossil fuels. Given these domestic challenges and that international negotiations on climate change are still evolving, what are the implications for Singapore’s economy, governance and society?

NUS Office of Environmental Sustainability and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy cordially invite you to take part in our climate change essay competition. We are seeking essays that:

a. Critically assess and provide insights to Singapore’s climate change policy.

b. Provide innovative solutions that address both the global climate challenge and the country’s domestic concerns.

All students studying at Singapore’s tertiary institutions (universities and polytechnics) are eligible to apply for the competition.

All essays should not exceed 2000 words (excluding tables, charts and references) and should be accompanied by a 200 word abstract (included in word count). Each essay can have up to 3 authors. Essays should observe 1.5 spacing and Times New Roman font size 12. Normal academic standards regarding footnotes, references, etc. apply.

1st prize: cash prize of S$1000 and certificate
2nd prize: cash prize of S$500 and certificate
3RD prize: cash prize of $300 and certificate

The top 3 winners of the competition will present at the National Sustainability Conference 2009 on 20, 21 and 22 February, which is hosted by NUS President (Designate), Professor Tan Chorh Chuan. Essays will be judged by two professors from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

The deadline for submission is 16 January 2009. Send a softcopy addressed to Mr Loo Deliang at Please provide authors’ names, institution of study, email addresses and contact details.

2) British High Commission : Distinguished Visitors Lecture
Date: 10 December 2008, Wednesday
Time: 4.30-6.30pm
Venue: Eden Hall, 28 Nassim Road, Singapore

RSVP by return of email (evelyn dot gui at fco dot gov dot uk) by 4 December 2008

Dr Kala Vairavamoorthy, University of Birmingham
on "Global Climate Change & Its Impact on Urban Water Management"

Dr Kalanithi Vairavamoorthy has a PhD in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering and an MSc in Environmental Engineering, both from Imperial College, University of London. His first degree is in Civil Engineering, from King's College London. He is also a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK). He is currently Chair of Water Engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK and also holds a Chair appointment at UNESCO-IHE, and at the Technical University of Delft in the Water Management Group. In addition, Professor Vairavamoorthy is the Scientific Director of SWITCH, an EU Integrated Project for Sustainable Urban Water Management, worth €25 million. SWITCH is one of the largest EU research projects in the area of water, involving a consortium of 32 international partners with 40 PhD studies, 10 study sites and 9 demonstration cities.

Dr Martin Todd, University College London
on "Predicting the Impacts of Climate Change: What are the Uncertainties?"

Dr Martin Todd has been a Lecturer in the Department of Geography at University College London (UCL) since 2000. Prior to this, he lectured at St John's College, Oxford after a 4-year stint as Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at Bristol University, where he obtained his PhD in 1993. Recent research activities include QUEST (Quantifying the Earth System) project - a collaboration between several UK institutions on climate change and its impacts, as well as the EU WERRD (Water & Ecosystem Resources in Regional Development) programme, studying impacts on several river basins of the world. Dr Todd has also participated in a UK biodiversity conservation project 'Darwin Initiative', and a climate modelling research which looked at major dust storms over Chad, Africa.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Upcoming The Leafmonkey Workshop Events

After the success of the last workshop on echinoderms, there are now 3 more workshops planned for the coming months. What more, now you can sign up for all 3 workshops via 1 easy form. All interested are welcome to join us! Remember, pre-registration is a must :) Read Workshops FAQ.

5 Dec 2008 . 7pm - 10pm
The Easy (Not Hard) Cnidarians Workshop

9 Jan 2009 . 7pm - 10pm
The Hard (Not Soft) Cnidarians Workshop

6 Feb 2009 . 7pm - 10pm
The Fishy Workshop


We now also have our very own mailing list where you can sign up to receive updates and announcements via email. Originally I intended it to be for the midnight monkey monitor but there really isn't much I can share. Now, I really have things to share with every one and hopefully every one remotely interested would subscribe to the mailing list. TLW is expanding. We are not just going to be doing workshops but there is more in the works. Stay informed, subscribe to the list! To do so, you can either visit our google group or simply enter your email in the sign up box on the right sidebar of this blog.

You can still join our Facebook Page as a fan to receive updates on upcoming workshops and events!

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Monday, November 03, 2008

Toddycats at NUS Animal Welfare Exhibition

The toddycats are hard at work at the NUS central library. Not exactly the best time to grab the attention of exam-focused undergrads but the toddycats are not deterred! Soon we started getting people's attention with our famous dugong baby and pangy the pangolin, Hamsa's baby. Even the contract cleaner uncle wasn't spared! *grin*

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